BB&T Internship Program 2019

BB&T Internship Applications

You can find out about BB&T current internship recruitment and apply at BB&T the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the world’s largest banking company!

Internships provide relevant, real world work experience that let you “test out” different career paths. Your internship while a business major at Appalachian State University will prepare you for a career by developing your skills, providing relevant experience, and creating your network.

Having an internship on your resume demonstrates that you have work-related knowledge and skills, increases your marketability and, if you perform well in your internship, offers you the opportunity to land a full-time job at your internship site.

When should I complete an internship?

 It’s never too early to do an internship! You can start as early as the summer after your freshman year. It’s crucial for you to have a relevant internship related to your major and field of interest the summer before your senior year. Ideally, you would have completed at least two internships before you graduate.

How can I find internship?

Before you begin your search, consider the important criteria for an internship. Make an appointment on CareerGear with a SLC representative to talk about your search.

Aspects to consider:

Pay: Do you need to be paid for your internship? If not, do you need/can you earn credit for your internship?
Location: Where do you want to complete your internship? Do you need to live at home? Can you afford to get an apartment near your internship?
Timing: Some companies recruit as early as September for summer internships. Start looking and preparing early. Make an appointment on CareerGear with an SLC representative early in your college career to make sure you stay on track.
Structure: What type of internship are looking for? Do you want to gain many experiences in a rotational internship? Do you want to have the opportunity to work with a mentor or report to the CEO? Research companies to determine their internship structure and what is the best ‘fit’ for you.

How to Apply for Intern at BB&T;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.

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