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Finance Development Internship

Our Finance Development Internship prepares and challenges rising college seniors seeking a career in the finance and accounting sectors.

Start your professional finance career with CIT’s Finance Development Internship

CIT’s Finance Development Program starts with a challenging 11-week summer internship opportunity geared towards rising college seniors with positions in finance and accounting departments. This internship program is offered in Livingston, NJ; Jacksonville, FL; Pasadena, CA; and Portsmouth, NH.

What disciplines are offered with this internship?

FDP Internships offer exciting opportunities to work in one of several disciplines within the Accounting and Finance Organization including:

  • Accounting and Controls – gain experience within account reconciliations, intercompany, SEC, Accounting Guidance as well as regulatory and legal entity reporting
  • Investor Relations – get exposure to Wall Street markets and aid in the quarterly earnings preparation process
  • Financial Planning and Analysis – analyze financial statements and gain experience with forecasting, business experience and expense management
  • Corporate Tax – grow skills within compliance, reporting, audit and research within international, federal and state tax
  • Corporate Treasury – gain experience within cash management, interest rate and foreign currency risk management, liquidity risk management, funding strategy and execution, derivative hedging strategy and execution as well as investment management

What makes CIT’s Finance Development Internship program unique is that individuals who successfully complete the internship and demonstrate exceptional performance may be extended an offer to join CIT upon graduation as an Analyst in our two year management training program called the Finance Development Program (FDP). The FDP is designed to place recent college graduates across multiple disciplines within the Finance Organization for a fixed period of time (four 6-month rotations ) offering the participant a broad experience with a holistic view of the finance organization while also providing enough time on the job to contribute to the team and make an impact.

As part of the FDP, the job experience would be supplemented by leadership development in the form of lunch and learns, executive speaker series, team building activities, technical and other structured training as well as support for certain advanced training (e.g., CPA, CFA).

The CIT FDP is the cornerstone of a successful and rewarding career in finance. Analysts will gain critical skills, knowledge, experience and confidence to achieve long-term personal and professional success. Through a combination of training and hands-on experience, the Analyst will develop the required technical skills and business knowledge, and discover where his/her natural strengths lie. In turn, this will help the Analyst find and excel in future roles within CIT Group and beyond. It is our intention at the completion of the two year FDP, Analysts will be considered and likely assume a longer term position within one of the functions.

What are the internship requirements?

  • Academic achievement with a minimum GPA of 3.3
  • Primary majors desired: Finance, Accounting, Economics, General Business, and Business Administration
  • Relevant work experience, analytical skills and quantitative orientation
  • Strong leadership, teamwork, communication and critical thinking skills
  • Superior work ethic and high level of motivation
  • Strong critical thinking and communication skills
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications

Recruiting season: September – November

Internship Program: June – August (11 weeks; unless extended)

How to Apply for Intern at CIT;

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