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This summer I participated in an internship with LBrands in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. I worked as a Merchandising Intern for Victoria’s Secret Stores and was part of the Body by Victoria Bras team. Throughout my internship, I assisted the other merchants with various tasks including system updates and sample management.

Over the course of my internship I had the opportunity to get a behind the scenes look at the retail industry and develop skills that I will need to be successful in this field. By the end of the summer my passion for retail had grown tremendously and I was able to confirm that I would like to pursue a full-time career working with fashion retail. Before my internship, I was extremely naïve about the day to day activities of a merchant, but at its conclusion I was able to handle many daily tasks on my own and even input my opinion on current and future business.

While working all interns got the opportunity to speak with other full time employees and hear about their jobs and career paths. After meeting with my cross functional team and other merchants, I began to understand that working in retail requires constant teamwork and everyone looks to support each other. This was very appealing to me because I would like to work in an environment where employees want to support each other and help the company succeed as a whole instead of simply looking out for individual interests.

The Merchandising Interns were assigned a project to work on for the entirety of the summer and we even got the chance to collaborate with two other interns working in New York City. Throughout this process, we examined the retail landscape and looked for opportunities to improve our business. After working on the project for two months and developing our recommendations, we even had the opportunity to present our ideas to leadership. The intern project informed me even more about the retail industry and gave me a new appreciation for it.

Overall, simply being involved in the day to day tasks of a merchant was very educational and inspiring. As the summer progressed I saw product move from concept to physical samples and now it is nearly in stores. I also got to see how weekly business can quickly effect the assortment and how agile and resourceful merchants must truly be.

As I finish my senior year and my time at Ohio State comes to an end, I must now begin my professional career. Because of STEP and the opportunity I received this summer, I now can confidently say, I know the direction I would like to go. The retail industry is constantly changing and presenting new challenges and, in the near future, I hope to be involved in its evolution.

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