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You can find out about RBC current internship recruitment and apply at RBC the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the RBC!

Available Internship Positions: Summer Intern, Wealth Management Intern

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At RBC, internships allow you to apply your skills from the classroom to real-life projects. No busywork or running errands. You’ll engage in tangible projects with meaningful impact to gain the real-world experience you’ll need to kick-start your career and shine.


This is not your typical internship. It is an intensive summer student program that fosters innovation and collaboration to tackle real world business challenges.

We are looking for talented developers, data scientists, UX/UI designers, and business analysts to take part in the program.

Join us in capturing the future during summer 2018.

Important Note: The Amplify Program runs in multiple cities and countries. Make sure you apply to the job posting for the city near you!

RBC is interested in your fresh perspective to shape the future of financial services.

Amplify is an intensive summer student program that fosters innovation and collaboration to tackle real world business challenges. As a part of this four-month program, you’ll have the resources you need – including mentorship from subject matter experts and leaders – to develop a product and pitch it to stakeholders. Amplify allows you to put your skills to the test while building solutions that could disrupt our company – and gain valuable industry experience along the way.

You Will Create Change at an Extraordinary Scale.

Mentorship to achieve success – Throughout the summer you will be provided with the resources and training you need to meet your challenge head on, accessing subject matter experts, and developing presentation and professional skills through sponsor and executive presentations.

Innovation – Build innovative solutions to complex business challenges. You will be given the opportunity to see a product through from ideation to development, building something from the ground up. There’s no straight line when it comes to getting an idea developed. You might run into legacy systems, security issues, privacy laws, and the occasional roadblock. You’ll be challenged to keep your ideas alive in the face of the unexpected.

Future Opportunities – For Amplify students the summer is just the beginning. Many products will continue on at RBC and move from a proof of concept to a fully functional product. This summer you can build your professional network, meet leaders, and potentially land a full-time role.

The RBC Career Launch™ Program

You’ve got the degree but not the experience, and that’s the challenge. You need experience to land a job, but you need to land a job to get experience.

If you’re a recent college or university grad looking for work experience, the RBC Career Launch Program is designed for you. This one-year paid internship may be just what you’re looking for to kick start your career.

3 unique work experiences in 1 year

First six months:
Work in a retail branch

Work directly with clients and build communication, teamwork and customer relationship skills.

Next three months:
Work with a charity

Play a role in helping communities prosper while gaining insights into the vital work of our charitable partners.

Final three months:
Work at our head office

Build on all that you’ve learned and contribute in one of RBC’s functional areas (such as marketing, HR, finance, IT, or operations).

Unlock Your Potential

Through the Career Launch Program you will:

  • Develop through targeted coaching
  • Work with a dedicated mentor
  • Expand your network
  • Have dedicated time and resources to build 21st century skills
  • Gain insights to inform your career journey

How to Apply for Intern at RBC;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.