Nestle Internship Program 2019

Nestle Internship Applications

You can find out about Nestle current internship recruitment and apply at Nestle the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the world’s largest food company!Nestle logo

Available Internship Positions: Summer Program, Nestlé & Google Marketing Internship

Summer Internships

The Internship would be the summer before your final year at university. This is a 10 week programme.

Nestle Summer Internship programme offers the chance to get hands-on experience in the world’s leading nutrition, health and wellness company. It will introduce you to a potential future work environment and allow you to test your interest in a particular career before making permanent commitments. Furthermore, you’ll develop skills in applying theory to practical work situations.

You’ll join the company in our York or Gatwick offices or in one of the factories around the UK and Ireland. We offer a range of Internship types, including Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, SHE, HR and Finance. The programme takes place for 10 weeks over the summer – from the end of June to the end of August. During this time, you’ll be assigned a relevant project or set of objectives that you’ll work on under the mentorship of your allocated line manager. The work you’ll be assigned will have real value to the business. At the end of your Internship, you’ll present your results and recommendations to senior managers and your team.

Relevant training will be provided during an induction period. This could consist of one-on-one talks with people across your department or training day sessions regarding Nestlé’s vision, values and policies. Depending on the function you join, you’ll also have training in presentation, negotiation and sales skills.

This Internship is ideal to take in the summer before your final year of university as it’s a great opportunity to prove yourself as a suitable candidate for the graduate programme.

You’ll be paid a rate of £16,500 pro-rata over the 10-week period.

How to Apply for Intern at Nestle;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.

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