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Available Internship Positions: Summer Intern, Psychology Internship

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Psychology Internship Program

The Psychology Internship Training Program at Montefiore Medical Center follows a developmental-practitioner-scholar training model. Our goal is to prepare interns for the independent practice of professional psychology that is scientifically-informed. The developmental model is based on the assumption that interns will move through a series of stages as they develop the skills necessary to increase their competence and, as such, each stage requires a different supervision style and techniques. Thus, the overarching philosophy supporting our model and goal is that it is the role of the internship to provide a broad set of high quality clinical experiences that are sequential, cumulative, and of graded complexity and based on the specific interests, background, experiences, and professional goals of each individual intern. We believe that this is best achieved through providing interns exposure to a wide-range of professional activities, across a variety of sites, using a number of different approaches – all of which are informed by clinical science – and gradually placing the intern in a position of increasing clinical responsibility and autonomy, but with supervision always available and accessible if needed.

Application and Intern Selection Process

The Psychology Internship Training Program at Montefiore Medical Center is a participating member of the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC). As such, we abide by all APPIC Match Policies. Applicants for our internship must complete the Association of Psychology Postdoctoral and Internship Centers (APPIC) Application for Psychology Internships Online (“AAPI Online”).

The complete AAPI Online must include:

  • A cover letter indicating which specialization you are applying to (you may only apply to ONE): adult, child and adolescent, or combined and why you believe you are a good match for that specialization.
  • AAPI Online
  • A current curriculum vitae
  • Three letters of recommendation (using the revised APPIC Standardized Reference Form (SRF))
  • Official graduate school transcript(s)

We do NOT:

  • Require any supplementary materials (so please do NOT send any additional letters, reports, etc.)
  • Have any minimum requirements in terms of intervention or assessment hours!
    • All candidates with a minimum of 3 years of graduate training are welcome to apply!

Intern Selection Process

  • Interns must be either:
    • In the process of completing a doctoral degree in professional psychology from a regionally accredited, degree-granting institution in the United States; or
    • In the case of Canadian programs, the institution is publicly recognized as a member in good standing by the Association of Universities and Colleges of Canada.
  • Interns must have completed adequate and appropriate supervised practicum training, which must include face-to-face delivery of professional psychological services.
  • Interns must have interests, aptitudes, and prior academic and practicum experiences that are appropriate for our internship’s goals and objectives.

How to Apply for Intern at Montefiore Medical;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.