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Available Internship Positions: Summer Intern, Finance Internship Program, Human Resources Internship Program,

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An internship or co-op is the key to igniting your career at Harley-Davidson. As part of the IGNITE Internship and Co-op Program, individuals will participate in robust experiences that are task and project orientated. These assignments are designed to bridge the gap between classroom studies and real-world experiences. Through this program, each intern or co-op is assigned a major project; the project is designed to develop organization, planning, leadership and presentation skills. Additionally, IGNITE interns and co-ops are assigned a mentor, participate in networking and development opportunities during their assignment and gain exposure to company leadership through their work.


The Finance Excellence Program Internship is a summer program that exposes students to the accounting/finance profession at Harley-Davidson. In addition to receiving robust summer assignments, students will be provided mentorship, coaching and other personal and professional development opportunities. FEP interns may spend their summer in financial planning, financial reporting, internal audit or financial analysis, and will be exposed to Harley-Davidson’s full-time Financial Excellence Program which is designed to develop entry-level talent within the Finance Organization. Interns will gain valuable insight and exposure to the Company by taking a structured approach to networking and participating in informational interviews with Finance Leaders and Managers.


The Human Resources Internship Program is open to students in their junior year of college interested in pursuing a career in Human Resources. This summer program is designed so interns can gain experience within the Human Resources profession while learning more about Harley-Davidson’s Human Resources Development Program. Interns will spend their summer supporting critical projects in one of the following areas: Total Rewards, Employee Relations/Labor Relations, Harley-Davidson University, Talent Management, Talent Acquisition and HR Business Services.


The Materials Co-op Program is an eight month co-op assignment designed to develop foundational skills within the Materials Organization at Harley-Davidson, focusing on personal and professional development while promoting alignment with the organizational strategy. This program provides students with the opportunity to gain experience in one of the following areas of Materials: Product Development Purchasing, Supply Base Management, Supply Chain Management, Material Operations, and Indirect Procurement. In addition to working on key projects, students will also focus on building strong business acumen, personal leadership, project management and effective communication.


The IT Internship is a summer internship program focused on building a pipeline of talent for Harley-Davidson’s greater Global Information Services (GIS) organization. At Harley-Davidson, GIS supports the company by maximizing the value of information and technology through close alignment with business strategies and trusted relationships. GIS supports the business by delivering technology infrastructure and business application development and support. During the IT Internship, students will have the opportunity to gain professional experience by supporting initiatives within one of the following areas of GIS: Service Strategy and Delivery, Enterprise Technology Services, Corporate Information Security and Data Privacy Office, or the Business Management Services Group.


The Product Development Engineering Co-op Program gives students an opportunity to apply classroom lessons to the real world. This intense, multi-semester co-operative education program provides engineering students robust assignments at either the Harley-Davidson Product Development Center or the Arizona Proving Grounds and will give students comprehensive engineering experiences. In addition to working on key engineering projects, participants network with engineering staff and leaders across the organization. Students in this program are typically on assignment full-time for three to eight months per rotation, completing a minimum of three co-op terms.


The Product Development Designer Internship gives students an opportunity to bridge what they’ve learned in the classroom and help to apply it within the workplace. This unique, year-long internship program provides students who are pursuing an Associate Degree in Mechanical Design Technology the opportunity to work on key projects, as well as network with engineering and other Product Development staff and leadership. This internship will build Project Management Methodology skills and help interns understand the role of the Designer within the Methodology, as well as continue to build knowledge and awareness of design tools and processes such as Creo (Pro-Engineer), Virtual Assemblies, Engineering Change Notices, and Design of Components.

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