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You can find out about Goldman Sachs current internship recruitment and apply at Goldman Sachs the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at Goldman Sachs!

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Services Interns

Services offers a robust summer analyst program, where undergraduates from a broad array of backgrounds are introduced to many of the firm’s business functions, operations and departments.


Summer analysts are given responsibilities as a team member in Real Estate, Business Services, Finance, Administration, Communications and Environmental, Social and Governance (and occasionally in Security). They have the opportunity to work on a variety of projects in a fast-paced, stimulating environment, learning the basics of commercial management. Interns collaborate on a summer project that is presented to senior leadership, receive mentorship from a more senior team member and network across the division.

In addition, we offer opportunities to build professional and interpersonal skills through training programs and day-to-day experience. A global learning series offers an intimate setting to learn about key initiatives and discuss perspectives with the division’s leadership.

Investment Banking Intern

As an Investment Banking intern you will undergo an intensive ten-week introduction to our business and firm. While a background in finance or accounting is not required, you should be comfortable with numerical computation and have a demonstrable interest in working in financial services.


Our Summer Analyst and Associate Programs allow us to give a select group of potential candidates an intensive, ten-week introduction to our Investment Banking business and to the firm. 
We look for highly motivated individuals who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academic and extracurricular activities. We are looking for self-motivated, team players who have excellent organization and communication skills. While a background in finance or accounting is not required, applicants should be comfortable with basic numerical computation. A significant portion of our full time Analyst and Associate classes come from our summer internships.


The Summer Analyst Program is a rewarding experience for undergraduates. By working alongside Goldman professionals, summer analysts learn the skills and knowledge necessary to become integral members of Goldman Sachs’ project and client teams. An emphasis on learning on the job is complemented by a brief training session.

Summer analysts are placed into one of the investment banking departments. By concentrating your efforts in a specific area of our business, you will quickly develop proficiency and participate in many aspects of financial transactions which could include stock offerings, mergers and acquisitions, debt financings and more. Summer analysts are involved with teams including managing directors, vice presidents, associates and analysts, in an open atmosphere where ideas are continuously shared and creative thinking and individual initiative are encouraged. Colleagues serve as both instructors and mentors. Summer analysts will form relationships with many professionals while developing special camaraderie with their peers in the Summer Analyst Program.

Summer analyst responsibilities include developing client presentations, gathering information, building financial spreadsheet models, working on various projects to support client relations, and assisting banking teams with day-to-day responsibilities. You will gain exposure to the firm’s businesses and expanded knowledge of the investment banking industry while developing important analytical and communication skills. As a commitment to our summer analysts, their responsibilities, performance, goals and professional development are reviewed by team members with whom they work, both at mid-summer and at end of summer.


If you are currently pursuing an MBA or advanced degree, we invite you to apply for a summer associate internship.

The Investment Banking Division’s Summer Associate Program is a ten-week program designed to provide participants with a comprehensive overview of what a career in investment banking entails in a highly interactive setting.

Individuals are placed in one of the following industry or product groups: Financial Institutions, Healthcare, Technology, Media & Telecom, Industrials, Consumer Retail, Natural Resources, Real Estate, Latin America, Public Sector & Infrastructure, Leveraged Finance, Equity and Debt Capital Markets. We aim to provide a broad exposure for our summer associates through cross-staffing where possible. Summer Associates are hired into our New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and into the Chicago, Houston and Toronto offices when required.

Our program includes initiatives to help summer associates assimilate into the Division and learn the skills required to be successful in investment banking. Examples include a mentor and big buddy program, comprehensive orientation and training programs, mid-term and final performance evaluations and various forums designed to provide summer associates with access to the most senior professionals in the division.

The responsibilities of a summer associate are similar to that of a full-time associate in the Division. We staff our summer associates on a variety of client and deal assignments throughout the summer. Through on-the-job training, complemented by a formal four-day training program and continuing education programs, summer associates develop a broad range of financial and business skills as well as knowledge of industries, markets and economies.


In addition to traditional summer programs, we offer unique internship opportunities that vary by division and region. Refer to Unique Positions for information.

We offer a range of Investment Banking internships for undergraduates and graduate or business school students. Programs are regional and may be for one week, ten weeks or longer.

As an intern you will work alongside investment banking professionals, learning the skills and knowledge necessary to become integral members of our project and client teams.

Following an intensive orientation you will be placed into one of the investment banking departments. This will allow you to concentrate your efforts in a specific area of our business, quickly developing proficiency and participate in many aspects of financial transactions. These could include stock offerings, mergers and acquisitions, debt financings and Our internship provides the opportunity for students to test-drive the role of a full time professional. It is an incredible learning experience that may ultimately lead to a full time employment opportunity.

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