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You can find out about Fannie Mae current internship recruitment and apply at Fannie Mae the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the Fannie Mae!

Available Internship Positions: Data Science Intern, Finance Intern, Summer Intern

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The Fannie Mae Summer Internship Program

Join the Summer Internship Program and collaborate with passionate and diverse teams from finance, technology, audit, and more. The ten-week program is available in our Washington, DC and Virginia offices and gives you the opportunity to obtain workplace experience, meet new people, develop hard and soft skills as well as apply school based theory and class curriculum to “real world” scenarios. We encourage and support the growth and development of rising university juniors and seniors.

The program also serves as a pipeline for the Fannie Mae Associate Program, which is a two-year program for recent college graduates.

As a Fannie Mae Summer Intern your experience includes but is not limited to:

  • A Welcome from Fannie Mae’s CEO
  • Executive Speaker Series
  • Volunteer Events
  • Networking Activities
  • Group Presentation

Fannie Mae Summer Interns are offered a dynamic work environment, enabling growth through a wide variety of experiences and responsibilities. Placement and location on specific teams is determined during the hiring process based on experience, skill sets, areas of interest and business need. At Fannie Mae, Interns gain hands-on experience in an area related to their major or area of interest and work alongside full-time employees as a contributing member of the team.

Interns are placed on business, technical or financial focused teams. Based on their placement Interns could:

  • Work in Business
    • Track & communicate project performance and deliverables
    • Partner with internal business users and teams
    • Create performance dashboards and metrics
    • Gain an understanding of risk management methodologies and how to apply them to operational
    • processes across the company
  • Work in Technology
    • Use leading technology to enable business users to gain insights
    • Learn and implement software methodologies
    • Systems analysis and design work around code quality, metrics, and tool implementation
    • Perform complex programming activities and deliver new functionality
    • Develop and execute data modeling standards
  • Work in Finance
    • Prepare analytics reports to describe market conditions
    • Prepare financial reports about business performance for internal management
    • Work closely with senior producers to originate, structure financing and coordinate executions for affordable real estate properties
    • Assist in evaluating proposed loans for credit risk, negotiate, and obtain deal approvals
    • Assist with validations to ensure accurate monthly financial results

Interested in applying? Fannie Mae Summer Internship applications may only be submitted via posted positions on your school’s career center website. Please note that these positions are not posted on the Fannie Mae Careers website.

The Fannie Mae Associates Program

The Fannie Mae Associates Program is an enterprise-wide, two year program that provides recent college graduates with the opportunity to rotate within various divisions of the company. Over the course of the program, each Associate will work in thriving environments, gain a variety of experiences and skills, and build a wide support network of peers, managers, and officers throughout our Washington, DC, and Virginia offices. Associates will receive on-the-job training in each rotation while taking on responsibility, ownership, and providing value to project teams and groups.

In this two-year program, you’ll rotate to challenging new positions and work on a wide range of real world projects, strengthening your skills as you work on critical assignments that directly impact our business. As a Fannie Mae Associate you will enter a career-track role to help build and strengthen your skills.

Below are examples of the Fannie Mae Associate career tracks:

Business – Experience a holistic view of the company through rotations across different business units. Build skills in project plan development & reporting, project management, business analysis, data analysis, resource management, business processes development, and process improvement. Business & Management majors desired.

Technical – Exposure to different Technology teams and roles across the company. Rotations focus on technical analysis, requirements documentation, systems analysis, testing, software and platform development, enterprise architecture and data modeling standards management. Computer Information Systems, Business Information Systems and other technical majors desired.

Finance – Build depth in finance and accounting by experiencing rotations in financial analysis and reporting, financial modeling, accounting, financial close process execution and business analysis. Finance or Accounting major required.

Audit/Risk – Enhance skills in the planning, execution, testing and reporting of audits of internal controls, applications, data, counterparty risk and analytics, and reporting across Fannie Mae’s businesses. Accounting, Finance and Economics majors desired.

Engineering & Development – Focused rotations through Development Operations to deepen skills in design, coding, testing, and supporting software products related to meeting customer requirements. Computer Science, Systems Engineering or Computer Engineering major required.

How to Apply for Intern at Fannie Mae;

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