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You can find out about Centene current internship recruitment and apply at Centene the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the Centene!

Available Internship Positions: Summer Intern, MBA Intern, High School Intern

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Centene Corporation is a growing company, excited to be adding new, talented professionals to its team. We have several opportunities to get students at all stages in their career off to a great start through undergraduate internships, graduate internships (MBA, MPH, MHA), and full time opportunities.


Centene has a summer internship program for undergraduates obtaining degrees in numerous fields of study. If you are an undergraduate student with at least one year of general work experience and Microsoft Office proficiency who has energy, great cognitive ability then you should consider applying online. We typically have internships in the following areas, but not limited to: Information Technology, Marketing, Communications, Internal Audit, Finance, Accounting, HR, and Actuary.

MBA Internships:

For students working towards their Graduate degree in Master in Business Administration (MBA) Masters in Public Health (MPH) or Masters in Health Administration (MHA), Centene offers a unique internship program for graduate students to partner with various areas throughout the company to develop their skills in all areas of business. If you’re a Graduate student pursuing one of these degree programs, with at least 1 year of general work experience, 3 – 5 years preferred, and working knowledge of measuring program outcomes, including statistical analysis with Microsoft Office proficiency then you should consider applying. Some of the participating departments include but are not limited to the following:

  • Business Development
  • Business Implementation
  • Communications
  • Compliance
  • Contracting
  • Corporate Development (M&A)
  • Health Plan Operations
  • Innovation & New Product Development
  • Internal Audit
  • Marketing
  • Medical Affairs & Management
  • Provider Operations

“I was always interested in healthcare, but I wasn’t sure how to best to enter the industry. I always try to position myself with the rising tide, and Centene is positioned to grow for some time. What I valued most about my internship was I was able to work with our Senior Vice President of Health Policy and she understood the vision I had for my career. I had the opportunity to work collaboratively on important projects that spanned multiple departments and was exposed early on to leadership across the company, including executives and plan presidents.” – Adam Loomans – Director of Health Policy and Regulatory Affairs, and a former MBA intern from May 2012-May 2013.

Full Time Opportunities:

Is graduation in the near-future? Centene has a number of entry-level positions available for new professionals. These positions require 0-2 years of experience and are great for new graduates to consider. Exceptional benefits for full-time employee, for more information please see our benefits section.

How to Apply for Intern at Centene;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.

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