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You can find out about AIG current internship recruitment and apply at AIG the same time. You can review the application process for the internship program and get detailed information about the department you want to apply for. Catch a chance to make a difference in your career by doing an internship at the AIG!

Available Internship Positions:  Summer Intern, Actuarial Intern, Finance Intern, Human Resources Intern, Investments Intern, Insurance Intern, MBA Intern, Risk Management, Technology Intern,

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Student Programs

AIG is committed to hiring high-potential candidates from universities around the world.
As you begin your career, you’ll benefit from training, guidance, and mentoring by leaders and managers invested in your success. Apply to join our creative and dynamic organization where knowledge is cultivated, innovation is encouraged, and achievement is rewarded – it’s a great place to start your career.

Which Path Is Right For You?

Summer Interns

If you’re invited to join the summer intern program at AIG, over the course of this 10-week program, you’ll gain tangible, hands-on experience and insight into our business operations. After 3 days of orientation and training, you’ll join one of our lines of business where you’ll be given real projects, with equal opportunity for challenges and achievement. High performing interns may be considered for a full-time job after graduation.

Want to learn more about internships at AIG and see how your internship can empower you in your future career? Read our article on the strengths of a great internships program to explore how an AIG internship can bring you opportunities for active learning, creativity, collaboration, and leadership development.

Full-Time Analysts

Accelerate your career during your final year of undergraduate study by seeking a Full-Time Analyst position. If selected, you’ll gain on-the-job experience and have access to worldwide training, leadership opportunities, and a diverse, global, and collegial work environment.

Developing Junior Talent begins with the Initial Training Program at our corporate headquarters in New York. The program provides a structure for you to discover more about AIG, your role, your colleagues and yourself as a young professional. You will leave training with a foundational understanding of the insurance industry, a better understanding of your role, and lasting connections with friends and colleagues. The Junior Talent Engagement Portal harnesses the latest in learning technology to provide tools, information, development and connection to your peers throughout your learning experience.

The “First 100 Days” initiative provides assistance to you throughout the first moments of your career by helping you manage your transition into AIG. At the close of the First 100 Days, Analysts participate in the Horizon Challenge, a multi-month learning experience focused on developing innovative solutions for strategic challenges AIG currently faces. The First Year Learning Experience culminates with the Spring Development Session, which is an opportunity to showcase key learnings from the Horizon Challenge and reinforce takeaways from your first year.

Community is an important part of the AIG culture from day one. For the second year in a row, AIG proudly partnered with Together We Rise to provide 250 sweetcases and 140 bicycles to children in foster care.

How to Apply

1. Online Application

Begin by submitting your resume and application by using the “Apply Now” link. Include your unique skills and experiences, such as being multilingual, living or traveling abroad, and relevant club or extracurricular activities. If you attend college on a campus that AIG visits during our recruiting process, you must also submit an application to AIG campus postings through the on-campus recruiting portal.

2. First-Round Interviews

If you’re selected for a first-round interview, we’ll set up a time for a 30-minute virtual or in-person meeting. These competency-based reviews assess interpersonal skills, long-term potential, and leadership abilities.

3. Final-Round Interview

If you’re invited, the final round of two to three interviews and assessment exercises will focus on industry and technical knowledge. We’ll also tell you more about us, so you can assess if AIG is the right fit for you.

4. Offer Considerations

After assessing all candidates met during recruiting, we send offer letters. If you receive an offer, please weigh your options. We want you to be as excited about your opportunity as we are about you and your future with AIG!

How to Apply for Intern at AIG;

Using the link below you can list all current intern positions and apply to the position that suits you.

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